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Today is our FINAL #FacesOfNorthgateYard interview!

We caught up with Doug Bamsey from Sedgemoor District Council. Doug has been involved with Northgate Yard since the very beginning – and as the opening gets closer and closer, there isn’t a better time to have a chat.

You can read our Q&A below.

What’s your role at Sedgemoor District Council and your involvement with Northgate Yard?

Deputy Chief Executive, I am the officer sponsor for the project. I have been involved from the very beginning.  

It must have been incredible seeing the development progress. What aspects of Northgate Yard are you excited to help bring to the people of Bridgwater, and what benefits do you think this will give?

A new and exciting leisure destination, bringing new opportunities for high quality leisure activity into the heart of the town, a real stimulus to the attractiveness as a place to go for the town centre as a whole for all ages.

And what parts do you think locals can look forward to the most?

A quality and range of opportunities for indoor leisure and outdoor space never seen in Bridgwater.

What part of Northgate Yard are you most excited about?

A 7 screen cinema and bowling alleys in one place!

That is a pretty amazing aspect! If you’re visiting the 7-screen Scott Cinemas, what film could you dream watching over and over?

Birdman – three times so far and ready for my next viewing.

Time for some quick fire… Can you bowl a strike?

Sometimes, if I am really lucky. There is no skill involved

What’s your favourite thing about Bridgwater?

No pretentions, but so much to offer, a great sense of community.   

Popcorn or Pick’n’Mix?

 Pop corn – sweet.

Is there anything you would like to say about Northgate Yard?

 Cant wait!

Thanks so much Doug. Not long now until Northgate Yard opens!

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